Saturday, March 11, 2017

Let There Be Colour

The media, especially general and electronic media, is always in love with darkness. The dark side of humanity always gets highest readership and TRP. If you ask the editors, they will blatantly tell you, “It is public demand”. Our appetite as readers and viewers are more suited for the dark news. This is a primary reason why I chose to remain a business editor and not move to general news. I could never choose between dark and darker. But even in business, scams have a higher viewership than the success of a young entrepreneur from the bottom of the pyramid. Human interest sunshine stories are rare, hard to come by. It is during these dark times that festivals bring us back to light. Be it the festival of lights or festival of colours, we free our minds from all the darkness and bask in the light of celebrations.

Amid all the unrest, amid all the troubles, amid all the difference these colours paint our lives in hues of happiness. We again fall in love with light and darkness just disappears. No wonder the texture of news presented also changes during festivities – the gory is pushed away from prime time and page 1.

So let us not forget the happiness that colours bring to our lives. Let us not forget how we celebrate our lives together with our fellow beings irrespective of the differences in religion, caste, creed, gender or skin colour.
So next time when we see a sunshine story, let us be a part of that celebration, let us relish the efforts of a humanitarian in making the society a better place, so that the TRP-driven media is forced to broadcast and publish stories on humanity. 

And I believe there is enough hue of humanity still left to be captured by thousands of cameras every day. You just need an open mind because Colours Are Brighter When the Mind Is Open.”

(Reproduced from mjPost editorial)