Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life's Funny

Whenever you want something very badly, life inevitable makes you wait, and wait and wait a little longer till you lose interest completely. That's life. The fun part is you end up getting it after you no longer yearn for it. That's also life.

I am not complaining, on the contrary, I find it funny sometimes. After spending sleepless nights there comes a point where you realise you won't get what you wanted so badly, at least not now. In despair you take refuge in spiritualism and tell yourself that what you wanted the most was just Maya and nothing will happen if you don't get it.

Knowing fully well that you are bullshitting yourself you temporarily slip into a state of mind where you find solace in a world without what you wanted so badly even a moment back.

And when you are done with reconciliation, spirits, Maya, then suddenly one fine day you have it. You don't long for it anymore, neither do you know what to do with it and most importantly whether to take it in the first place. You have no value for it.

They say you can only value something when you have no attachment with it, you don't desire it you don't yearn for it. I find it hard to believe but may be their claim to sainthood lies in explaining something that's really weird.
Life's funny.