Friday, January 22, 2010

Basu's legacy--a remittance city of joy

I regret the death of Jyoti Basu. Because he should have lived a little longer to see the dethroning of CPI-M form West Bengal. Unfortunately, I can't say I am exited about the party that is likely to take over the reins either.

It took Basu decades to make West Bengal and more so Calcutta, what it has become today:

1. It has no industry left, so economic growth is "high hopes", thanks to CPI-M's rotten, dated, obsolete, and bad policies

2. Even if the Red Brigade wants to mend its ways now, The Grassroot Opposition will not let industry come in because of political agenda.

3. And no industry means no jobs for the service-sector dominated economy

4. In Calcutta, lets face it, farming opportunities are limited.

Therefore, very soon, if not already, West Bengal will become a remittance economy and Calcutta -- a remittance city of joy (or joke).

The lakhs of graduates and thousands postgraduates that the city/state rolls out every year only find employment, albeit skilled, outside the premises of the state.

What Middle East or US or UK is to India , Mumbai , Delhi or Bangalore is to West Bengal--source of remittance.
And very soon Calcutta will be an old-age home, a place to retire, obviously because you can't work there.
I think that's what late Mr Basu had in his mind.
I wanted him to die a little later because that day is not very far.
I regret his early demise.