Friday, April 13, 2007

Dreams Unlimited

We are stuffs as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with sleep. Why are dreams important to us even after we wake up? Why do they linger in our minds? Because, we are made up of dreams. Hang on, isn't reality all that matters? Sure it does, but what is real? What we see or feel or touch or hear — but these are electrical impulses or signals send to the brain. These are what we perceive as 'real'. Remember Morpheus in The Matrix.
It's very diffult to be sure of what's a dream. And when are we dreaming. Which world is real and what's our imaginary space? When we think we wake up, do we really wake up or start dreaming a new dream? The only difference is that this reality 'dream' has a connection. Everyday, it's a new story. There's a consistency in the plot and the characters. It's like a programme. Everyday, you can predict a bit, but there's always an element of surprise.
Our conventional dreams are irratic, haphazard and random. But we are connected to it. We react to it just as we do to a real life situations. We cry, feel good and sometimes scream in fear — nightmare. If these dreams are so unreal why does our rational mind react to these impulses.
So, should we accept this world as real just because it's programmed to match perfectly our beliefs or the given data that is fed by someone into our systems? Or should we think and focus more on our real dreams? We should try to find out if that is the real world and not a dream then what are we? And who is programming us?
If god is a super power, he might as well be an alien trying to keep us away from reality in a fake world. If it's all in the mind we can use the conventional dream to sneak peek into the other reality or the real world, maybe.
So, next time you dream, be there.