Friday, December 05, 2008

Maximum City

It is a burden that the city carries. Mumbai feels it is its duty to face hardship with a smile. No one has ever seen the city complain. The city has silently suffered bomb blasts, mass murders, floods and riots. But everytime, it has emerged as a winner, forgetting the past and starting afresh as it nothing has ever happened. That's the spirit of Mumbai, Aamchi Mumbai.

Skeptics say that the city suffers most because it can grin and bear it. Any other city would have been perhaphs devastated if it had to go through everything that Mumbai has faced. They say that it is the spirit of the , which we all are so proud of, is working against it. The city has the right to cry out, shout and complain. It has the right to say "Enough is Enough". It does not have to be so spirited after all. Why can't it be just like other cities, where it takes some time before the city comes back to normalcy after a tragedy.

But, isn't it this spirit that we love the city for? Isn't it why we call it the maximum city?And isn't Mumbai's spirit the only thing the terrorists fear?
So be it. Let's keep the fear alive in the hearts of these terror mongers. Let us all keep the Mumbai spirit high.